Wednesday, 16 September 2015



     wake up at six. take a bus. travel for two hours. have nothing done. it's all done in static. people talking. getting angry, cars bumping. children kicking your shin numb. a masterpiece of sound and claustrophobic landscapes. fold it in your kitchen when it rains outside. then bathe it. break it. glue it together. let it mold in the sunlight and your cupboard. your head spins. uncontrollably. hope you're ready to make your own. good home. make sure all your tracks in the snow. are gone. stay/stop. 
     take a stab at this. show them you'll be alright. it is such a riot. smash your hand through your wardrobe. smash your fingers through the faux facade. crack your spine against the wall. show them you'll be alright. be eager. careful. and mislead. in your tiny little world. 
     you're freaking them out. 
     in your own.
     ice age.

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