Thursday, 30 July 2015

Don't Tease Me Anymore.

     Well, it's summer. Everyone seems to be happy. I don't care. I've lost interest in everything I do. I'm just a shell. I'm empty. I'm just a shell. I'm empty. You were my excuse to wake up. And talk. And walk. Now, it's a shinny, beautiful day. And all I can think of is pulling those damn curtains closed.
     I guess it's like we belong in a weatherhouse. I'm the one for rain, you're the one for shine. I'm still waiting. I'm tired of waiting. I'm just sitting here waiting for you to come to me. I couldn't be more ready.
     I think I'm crazy. What's the point in watching sad films? I don't know, but I still do it.
     I feel like I'm a stranger. But I'll just wait.
     Maybe in time, you'll want to be mine.

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