Thursday, 13 March 2014

When You Got To Go Away

     It takes some time to figure things out. I was being so selfish and lazy. For the last couple of months everyone decided to enjoy themselves. I can't seem to fit in. I don't belong with them. And even my all friends, they don't know me now. It seems a bit strange after all this time we're apart. It's just that my interest in some things is gone. For ever. Especially some vague things.
     Most of the time goes by quickly. I even went on some trips. Twelve hours in a bus with no one to really be with. I met some people and they all say we are friends now. I don't really know. No one seems to understand me. Again, I was in a crowd and I still felt alone. Safe from harm. I can't concentrate and I smile. People smile back. At least that's good.
     Last time you saw the sunlight
     the moonlight
     or anyother light.

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