Thursday, 29 August 2013

Watch The World Spinning Gently Out Of Time

     Lost child. Every day wake up clearly out of time. Decide. It'a good idea to start the new day with something better than the 'right' frame of mind. Wake from your dreams. Go for a walk. It's just a matter of time. You'll decide. You know it in your heart. I always enjoy the August moon. I want to go to the roof every night. Every night I don't. I watch it from the window.
     When time passes you don't want to feel like that. And don't drown your beliefs. The sun goes brown and you're yellow. It's so beautiful up here. Go slowly, come slowly and sleep alone.
     Yesterday's headlines blown by the wind. Yesterday's friends leave. Oportunities appear and disappear. Somebody listen to what I'm saying. Is there anybody out there to understand? That's right. What if I disappear in the crack of your misunderstood smile. Sometimes I get the loneliest - bound and powerless - feeling. Sliding on its plane surface. Flowing and falling. Gently out of time. Lost at sea.

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