Friday, 26 July 2013

You Can Do No Wrong In My Eyes

     Strange news from another star in Whi.Co. I'm leaving on Monday. I haven't packed anything. However, everytime I'm going on a trip, I leave the packing part for the last two days of my city life. And even if there are blue skies in my city, I like escaping from the mundane.
     I once had this friend who told everyone what to do. I mean she behaved like she was everyone's private councellor. And off course, she made many people angry - not me. In the end, she didn't know anything about her. She got no plan and no way of sayin goodbye. The problem is that many people are close-minded. And now that everyone's out of town, we can't communicate properly.
     Some might say that we need to calm down. Maybe we got nothing more to do. And there's no rain to make a night's walk better.

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