Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nothing To Fear, Nothing At All

     Yesterday, I bought a cap. A really nice one. Beige with some really unimportant words and numbers on it. I wore it all morning and my head was warm and stuff. Nice cap.
     It reminded me that the summer is near. Don't know what to think. That I want it to come and let my thoughts slip away or that I don't want to stay alone in my room, enjoying long, romantic walks to the fridge? Anyway, summer is a strange era of my years. Of course it's many days off. And sometimes I have the opportunity to play live, which I particularly enjoy (the best way to express myself is singing). In the end I think I like summer a lot. And it's time for ice-cream. And the long walks thing. Nice.

     My computer is on the verge of suicide. The screen is blurry with a pink and green fog. I like it. It's surreal. It matches with my room walls. The weather is sunny (hits me in the head and I don't like it). I really need a vacation, anyone can tell... I talked about the weather.

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