Saturday, 6 April 2013

Am I Still Ill?

     My throat is in terrible pain. I'm officially still ill. Last night we were singing. Loudly. So today I can't even speak. Only a whisper here and there, because it's fun to be in the Whi.Co. However things seem to get better for me. At last a weekend. I need to calm down.
     I want to decorate my room. I'll get a new poster or something. It has started getting kinda dull. Glad that I got a CD-Player, because if I didn't there would be no music in my room (except of course my music).
     Yesterday I could stay up all night. But noone asked me too, so... I just listened to some songs and slept. We played from 21:30 to 1:30 and I had already been sick so it wasn't the best thing for my health. We played 29 songs. It was exhausting, but I was extremely happy, because I wanted some special people to show up and they did. That's life. Sometimes it's very good. For a few minutes.

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