Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Supposed to be the perfect Friday afternoon.

     Last night I was walking back home. It was still raining and I didn't have an umbrella. So whenever I found a spot where I could protect myself from the rain, I stood there for a few moments. Then I saw two old couples coming. I heard them arguing about something. They weren't angry or something, but they were arguing intensely.
The first lady said: 
- Everyone in our times gets married only because thy're desperate!
And the other answered:
- But how can you say there's not any love in the world?

     Cheesy, uh? But it got me thinking. The men of the company just agreed with their partners. Too busy thinking about food and sleeping, I suppose. They were talking about a restaurant... 
     Everything fine in Whi.Co. 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Raindrops

     We all need a day off. Especially in this dead period. It seems like nothing is really happening. You're waiting and waiting and nothing happens. Everyone is bored. Sometimes I find something new to do, but then I instantly get bored.
     Yesterday there was a lot of raining going on. Time for a day off. Let's watch the raindrops falling on the window pane...

Monday, 25 March 2013

On Your Own

     Just like this. Eveybody needs to do everything by themselves. When you need something to be done you should do it alone. Even people's concern and help (which is always very great) can't do something for you. You must do it yourself.
     And even this 'always should be someone you really love'' that Blur sing, doesn't feel right. Because even in the Whi.Co. you can't speak loudly of what you want and what you need to be done. And then you can't clearly ask someone's help, because you have to stay quiet, in order not to bother anyone. So, what did I say? You're now on your own.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

     Just like that lyric. Purify the colours, purify my mind. Feeling really peculiar. Images popping up inside my head and I remember that  night when I was walking in an alley five minutes away from my home and noticing an old closed barber shop. There was also a broken bicycle left in front of it. I had never noticed it.
     It would be nice if there was a Whisper Community. Yeah, Whi.Co. Where everybody could make ''...shhh'' and then a choir of ''..shhhh'' follows. OK. Moving on now, 'cause it's getting a little late.